Autofuss is an agency I absolutely adore and appreciate, so I was very excited when they asked me  to help them in creating twelve of these 30 second spots, as part of a massive online marketing campaign that Olivari Olive Oil pushed in the summer of 2013 called "Year of the Little."  The campaign was a landslide success, with a total of 365 different spots being broadcast each day for one full year. 

Created at Autofuss - Client: Olivari Olive Oil Agency: 215 McCann Produced by: Kyra Ivanoff Concept and Character Design: Quba Michalski Written and Creative Directed by: Steve Couture and Quba Michalski Directed by: Quba Michalski Live Action Plates: Joe Picard Compositing: Quba Michalski, Pedro Figueira Storyboards: Conor Grebel, Hung-Ning Liao, Quba Michalski Animation: Fabian Molina, Conor Grebel, Hung-Ning Liao Voice of Oli: Kirsten Ritschel Voice of Crouton: Quba Michalski